When helping your child obtain a healthy and strong smile, it is essential to take them to a pediatric dentist’s office full of fun and educated dental professionals. Receiving dental care as a child is necessary for your child’s oral health, as is developing oral hygiene habits and creating a positive relationship with the dentist. Children are impressionable, so it is vital to help them learn about proper dental care and prevent dental issues at a young age. Dr. Kory Bingham and his delightful team are dedicated and passionate about providing the kids of Rigby, Idaho, with the highest quality dental care. 

Being a pediatric dental center, we are entirely focused and committed to finding the best ways to teach children about proper dental care and why it is essential to maintain a healthy smile. Your children’s teeth are in the best hands with our care in Rigby. 


Why Pediatric Care? 

Some parents question why it is recommended that their children obtain dental care from a pediatric dentist instead of a regular, general dentist. Although general dentists can clean your child’s teeth and diagnose problems, pediatric dentists are trained to do that and more. 

Pediatric dentists go to more schooling and training to be certified dentists for children. Because of this, they learn how to help children with special needs, anxiety, and fear, receive excellent services calmly. 

In a pediatric dentist’s office, the environment and staff are entirely dedicated to the child’s health and experience in our office. When children come to a fun place where they feel comfortable, welcomed, and heard, they are more likely to cooperate while receiving care and even enjoy it. 

We believe that all children should see a pediatric dentist for their first 18 years of life to help build a positive relationship with the dentist’s office and because pediatric dentists know how to treat pediatric cases. 


When Should I Seek Pediatric Dental Care For My Child? 

Some parents might worry or be confused about when to take their child to the dentist for the first time. It is a common myth that children only need to see the dentist when most of their teeth have erupted, but it is essential to have them seen as soon as their first tooth has fully grown in. 

Starting dental care early helps you, as the parent, learn how to take care of your infant’s teeth best and get a good idea of when the rest of the teeth will erupt. The pediatric dentist will examine your infant’s mouth and ensure that everything is on the right track and healthy. 


Pediatric Services 

We offer most general dental treatments in a pediatric office, such as dental cleanings, examinations, X-rays, and other preventative services. We provide specialized treatments for pediatric patients, such as pulpectomy, plutonomy, extractions, dental fillings, dental crowns, and early orthodontic care. 

Since children’s teeth are smaller and have difficulty keeping their teeth clean, we work extra hard to create personalized treatments and help them maintain a healthy smile. 


The Best Rigby Pediatric Dental Office

Our dentist in Rigby has created an environment where all children from ages 0-18 can feel comfortable and learn how to love their smiles. We believe that having a healthy smile is extremely important, and teaching children early on how to care for their smile early on will influence their dental care habits for the rest of their life. 

If you require a dentist for your child, please feel free to contact our office to learn more about our services and how we can help. Your child’s smile can remain beautiful and healthy with our help.