At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we understand the importance of protecting your child’s teeth and gums. That’s why we offer a range of mouthguard services in Rigby, Idaho, designed to provide maximum protection and comfort.

What are Mouthguards? 

Mouthguards are protective devices worn over the teeth to protect them from injury and damage during contact sports and activities. They are made from soft materials such as vinyl or rubber and are designed to fit the teeth and gums comfortably. You can also use mouthguards to help prevent teeth from grinding during sleep.  

Why Should You or Your Child use a Mouthguard? 

During contact sports, mouthguards prevent dental injuries, such as chips and fractures. They can also help protect the jaw and soft tissues such as lips and cheeks from lacerations. Wearing a mouthguard during sports can also help reduce the risk of a knocked-out tooth.  

What can a Mouthguard Protect? 

A mouthguard can protect teeth, gums, and soft tissues from injury. It can also help reduce the risk of concussion by cushioning the jaw and distributing force more evenly.  

What are the Benefits of Mouthguards? 

There are many benefits of wearing mouthguards. Some of these include.


  • Reduces the severity of a blow to the face or head
  • We can customize it for an individual’s mouth shape and size
  • A cost-effective way to protect teeth and gums
  • It can help to reduce stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • It may help to reduce teeth grinding (bruxism)

What are the Different Types of Mouthguards? 

The most common types of mouthguards include pre-made, boil-and-bite, and custom-made. 

Pre-made Mouthguards

 Pre-made mouthguards are the least expensive option and are available in most sporting goods stores. They are typically made from a soft, flexible material that can be easily molded or trimmed to fit your mouth and come in various sizes and colors. Pre-made mouthguards are also easy to clean and maintain, making them an ideal choice for athletes looking for a quick and easy way to protect their teeth.

Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards

 These are constructed from thermoplastic material and customized to fit your mouth after being heated in boiling water. After being molded, the mouthguard holds its shape, providing a snug fit and protection from dental injuries. Boil-and-bite mouthguards are considered the most comfortable form of mouth protection, and you can easily form them in your mouth. They are also typically cheaper than custom-made mouthguards, making them an attractive choice for athletes on a budget.

Custom-Made Mouthguards

The most effective type of mouthguard is a custom-made mouthguard made from a professional dental impression. Custom-made mouthguards offer superior protection and comfort compared to over-the-counter options. The custom fit helps to ensure that the mouthguard does not slip or move around during wear, providing an even better level of protection. In addition, custom-made mouthguards can be designed to accommodate special orthodontic appliances, such as braces. They can even be created in various colors and designs to express your style. If you are looking for the best protection and comfort while playing sports or engaging in any physical activity, a custom-made mouthguard may be the right choice for you.

What is the Process for Getting Custom-Made Mouthguards? 

Getting custom-made mouthguards typically involves two visits to Rigby Pediatric Dental. During the first visit, Dr. Bingham will make an impression on your child’s mouth, which we will use to create the mouthguard. During the second visit, we will fit the mouthguard and make any necessary adjustments.  

Why are Custom Mouthguards the Best Option? 

Custom-made mouthguards are the best option because they are designed to fit the individual’s mouth perfectly, providing maximum comfort and protection. They also provide more cushioning and are less likely to cause irritation or discomfort.  

Rigby Pediatric Dental Mouthguards in Rigby, ID

At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we offer the highest quality custom-made mouthguards. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will ensure that the mouthguard fits appropriately and adjust it for maximum comfort and protection. We also offer a wide range of options to suit your budget and lifestyle. Dr. Bingham is a board-certified pediatric dentist with extensive experience providing children and adolescents with custom-made mouthguards in Rigby, ID. He takes pride in helping his patients maintain healthy smiles and protect their teeth from injury. Schedule an appointment today.