Receiving tailored and personalized dental care is something all people should seek out to obtain. For children, going to the dentist for the first time can be a scary and anxiety-filled experience that could influence their overall feeling of the dentist for years to come. At Rigby Pediatric Dental, our primary goal, along with providing excellent dental care and treatments, is to help each patient that walks through our door develop a positive and comfortable relationship with receiving care. This post will explain and hopefully further educate parents of the Rigby, Idaho area to bring your kids to our friendly children’s dentist and why is in the best interest of you, your child, and your child’s oral health. 


Why Should My Child See a Children’s Dentist? 

Although most general dentists accept children as patients, there are dentists like Dr. Kory Bingham who have, on top of dental school, gone to around three years of extra training to become pediatric dentists. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Bingham has been trained and practiced handling children’s teeth from ages 0 to 18. 

Another part of pediatric dental training and education is surrounding how to help children with severe anxiety or possible mental disabilities feel comfortable while receiving treatment. Dr. Bingham and the rest of our team make it a priority to make our office a fun and exciting place where children end up wanting to come back. Ways that we help our child patients become more comfortable and confident in our office is by doing the following: 






Benefits of a Children’s Dentist 

Going to the dentist is something that each person should do twice a year, so children need to start young in developing a favorable opinion towards the dentist. By taking your child to see a children’s dentist, you are helping them have a more positive and fun experience. 

Other Benefits Include: 




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