If you have been told your child has a lip or tongue tie, don’t worry. You are not alone, and we can help in Rigby, Idaho. 

The good news is that we can easily treat this. At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we specialize in diagnosing and treating lip and tongue ties. We will work with you to develop the best treatment plan for your child.

If you think your child may have a lip or tongue tie, please call us to make an appointment. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


What is a Lip And Tongue Tie?

Is a condition where the tissues that connect the mouth’s lip, tongue, and floor are too tight. The connection can cause breastfeeding, speech development, and oral hygiene problems.


What Are the Symptoms of a Lip or Tongue Tie?

The symptoms can vary but may include:


How is a Lip or Tongue Tie Treated?

We can treat this with a procedure called a frenectomy. This simple, quick procedure involves cutting the tissues that are too tight. Frenectomies can be performed in our Rigby, Idaho office and do not require any anesthesia.


Does a Lip and Tongue Tie Always Need to Be Corrected?

Most tongue and lip ties do not require treatment. If you are concerned about your child’s development, please call us to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.


At What Age Should It Be Corrected?

There is no one answer to this question. It depends on the individual child and family situation. The sooner is corrected, the better. The early timing is because it can be easier before it causes problems with breastfeeding, speech development, or oral hygiene.


What is Recovery Like?

Most children do not experience any discomfort after the procedure. Dr. Bingham may prescribe mild pain medication if needed. It is essential to keep the area clean and free of food debris. We will give you specific instructions on caring for the area after the procedure.


How Can I Make an Appointment With Rigby Pediatric Dental for My Child’s Lip or Tongue Tie?

To make an appointment with Rigby Pediatric Dental for your child, please call us at (208) 600-0300. We look forward to meeting you and your child!


Get Lip and Tongue Tie Help in Rigby, Idaho

Dr. Bingham is a pediatric dentist specializing in lip and tongue tie releases. He uses a gentle techniques to release the ties without cutting and while maximizing comfort. We can complete most procedures in just one visit.

If you want to look into this treatment or any other pediatric dental treatment, schedule an appointment today at Rigby Pediatric Dental!