Pediatric dental care is essential for children between 0-18. In their early years, children are highly impressionable and are starting to develop habits that they will keep with them for years to come. Constant and excellent oral hygiene habits are formed by learning how to brush properly and floss their teeth and staying up to date with their visits to the dentist’s office. Pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls, Dr. Kory Bingham, has been serving the families of Idaho Falls for many years. 

Pediatric dentists are highly trained and educated dentists that have gone to dental school plus additional years learning about how to take care of children’s teeth. Pediatric dentists focus on creating fun and educational dental offices where kids and their parents can come and learn about better dental hygiene and receive excellent, tailored treatments. 



Common pediatric treatments at Rigby Pediatric Dental are the standard services adults also generally need. These services include: 

Each treatment that we offer at Rigby Pediatric Dental is specifically designed and tailored to each patient receiving the procedure. If you are curious about our services and how they can help your child specifically, don’t hesitate to contact your pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 


Children and Oral Health 

Our dentist, Dr. Bingham, is dedicated to helping each child that comes into his office have a healthy smile and develop healthy oral cleaning habits that will set them up for success. If necessary, at each appointment, we will help your child learn more about how they can better take care of their teeth at home. We also offer tips and tricks to parents on how to encourage and teach their children to have better oral health habits. 

A pediatric dentist can significantly help your child with their oral health. Call us today to set an appointment. We are always taking new patients and would be more than happy to treat your child’s smile. 

We know that a visit to the dentist can be particularly difficult for a child. We strive to make your child’s visit fun, exciting, and comfortable. We are dedicated to serving the parents and children of the Idaho Falls, Idaho area.

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