As parents, we always want the best for our children, and dental health is no exception. Pediatric dentistry is a specialized field that deals with children’s oral health from infancy through teenage years. If you live near Rigby, taking your child to our pediatric dentist in Idaho is a great move. Why does your child need to see a pediatric dentist? We’ll help you understand what you can expect from your visit to Rigby Pediatric Dental.


Specialized Training and Equipment

Pediatric dentists, like Dr. Kory Bingham, undergo specialized training beyond dental school to cater to the unique dental needs of children. Dr. Bingham has specialized training in handling children’s behavior and making them feel comfortable during dental procedures. We also equip our pediatric dental office with toys, games, and kid-friendly amenities that help children relax and make the dental experience fun.


Preventive Dentistry

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Bingham focuses on preventing oral health issues as much as treating them. He encourages preventive measures like regular teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants in Rigby, Idaho, to minimize the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems. He also loves to teach children about good oral hygiene habits and healthy eating practices.


Early Detection and Treatment

Dr. Bingham’s skills include detecting early signs of dental problems in children and intervening appropriately to prevent further damage. He examine the child’s teeth, gums, jaws, and bites to diagnose any underlying dental issues and develop a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Early detection and treatment can prevent extensive and costly dental procedures later in life.


Special Needs Dentistry

Pediatric dentists also provide dental care for children with special needs, such as autism, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy. We understand the challenges these children face in accessing dental care and are equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to provide safe and effective dental care. We also work closely with other healthcare providers to ensure coordinated care for your child.


Positive Dental Experiences for Kids

Getting your child excited about going to the dentist is one of the significant benefits of pediatric dentistry. We create a fun, kid-friendly environment that makes dental visits a positive experience for kids. We encourage children to ask questions, express their concerns, and work with them to build good dental habits that last a lifetime.


Our Pediatric Dentistry Services

We offer all the top-quality treatments your kids need for happy and healthy smiles. These include:


Bonding and Fillings: One of the standard procedures we offer is bonding and fillings, which can help repair tooth decay, cracks, or chips. Our experienced team provides gentle care to make your child’s experience comfortable and pleasant. We use the latest technology and only the highest quality materials to ensure that any bonding or filling looks natural and blends seamlessly with your child’s existing teeth. If you notice any issues with your child’s teeth, see us at Rigby Pediatric Dental – we’re here to help!


Mouthguards: As parents, we always want to ensure our kids are well-protected, especially when playing high-impact sports. One meaningful way we can ensure their safety is by investing in a quality mouthguard. At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we understand the value of protecting our young athletes from injury and highly recommend using mouthguards during all physical activities. From preventing chipped teeth to reducing the risk of concussion, mouthguards are essential protective gear for children playing sports. Our team of dental experts can help you choose the right mouthguard for your child’s needs and ensure it fits properly for maximum effectiveness. 


One-Year Dental Exams: Rigby Pediatric Dental emphasizes the importance of regular dental exams, especially for young children. One-year dental exams can significantly affect a child’s oral health. These exams allow us to detect and address any oral health problems early on, preventing them from becoming more severe issues in the future. During these exams, our team ensures that the child’s teeth are developing properly and growing straight and strong. We also take this as an opportunity to educate parents on how best to care for their child’s teeth. By scheduling and attending regular one-year dental exams for your child, you set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy dental habits. At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we make these exams informative and fun to ensure your child’s comfort and engagement.


Pediatric Dentist in Idaho

Your child’s dental health is vital for overall health and well-being. Regular dental check-ups with our pediatric dentist can help your child develop healthy oral hygiene habits and maintain a healthy smile. 


At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we offer friendly, comprehensive, and personalized dental care for children of all ages. This includes preventative hygiene tips, lip and tongue-tie treatments, and more! Contact us today to schedule your child’s dental appointment, and let us be your partners in your child’s dental health journey!

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