Protecting Little Smiles: Understanding Pediatric Dental Fillings

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s parents, we strive to provide the best possible care for our children, and their oral health is no exception. Ensuring our little ones maintain healthy and happy smiles is a top priority. However, dental issues can arise even in the youngest of patients, leading to the need for pediatric dental fillings. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of pediatric dental fillings, focusing on the expertise of Rigby Pediatric Dental and Dr. Kory Bingham, as well as the availability of white dental fillings in Rigby, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls.   What are Pediatric Dental Fillings? Pediatric dental fillings are a common restorative treatment for children who have experienced dental decay or cavities. Rigby Pediatric Dental, under the guidance of Dr. Kory Bingham, is renowned for its expertise in providing comprehensive dental care to children. With a strong emphasis on creating a comfortable and kid-friendly environment, they prioritize the oral health needs of young patients.   White Dental Fillings When it comes to dental fillings for children, one of the primary concerns for parents is the aesthetic aspect. Traditional silver amalgam fillings have been the standard for many years, but they can be noticeable and may cause some children to feel self-conscious. Fortunately, Rigby, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls offer a fantastic alternative: white dental fillings.   White dental fillings, or composite fillings, are a popular choice for pediatric dental restorations due to their natural appearance and ability to blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. These fillings are made from tooth-colored resin and glass particles, resulting in a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution. The composite material is carefully matched to the shade of the child’s tooth, ensuring a virtually invisible restoration.   What are the Benefits of White Fillings? In addition to their cosmetic benefits, white dental fillings offer other advantages for pediatric patients. One significant advantage is their conservative nature. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, which require the removal of a more substantial portion of healthy tooth structure, composite fillings allow for a more conservative approach. This preservation of healthy tooth structure is particularly crucial for children, as it promotes long-term oral health and reduces the need for more extensive treatments in the future.   Another advantage of white dental fillings is their biocompatibility. Composite materials are mercury-free, making them a safer alternative for children. Additionally, the bonding process used to place white fillings creates a tight seal between the filling and the tooth, reducing the risk of recurrent decay and adding strength to the treated tooth.   Understanding the Process When it comes to getting a white dental filling, the procedure is similar to a traditional amalgam filling. The affected tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic, ensuring a comfortable experience for the child. Dr. Kory Bingham and his team at Rigby Pediatric Dental have extensive experience working with young patients, making the process as gentle and pain-free as possible.   First, we carefully remove any decay or damaged tooth structure, creating a clean and healthy surface for the filling. Then we place the white filling material in layers and harden each layer using a special curing light. This layering technique allows for precise shaping and ensures a secure and durable restoration. Once the filling is in place, it is meticulously polished to achieve a smooth and natural-looking finish.   White Dental Fillings in Rigby, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls, ID Pediatric dental fillings are an essential part of maintaining the oral health of our little ones. Rigby Pediatric Dental, led by Dr. Kory Bingham, offers expert care and a child-friendly environment for dental treatments. The availability of white dental fillings in Rigby, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls provides a superior alternative to traditional amalgam fillings, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits for children. Parents can ensure that their children’s smiles remain protected and beautiful for years to come by choosing white dental fillings.

Know How to Recognize Tongue and Lip Ties in Infants and Young Children

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Parents, are you looking for a pediatric dentist that provides quality care for your children? Rigby Pediatric Dental is the perfect place for parents who want the best care for their children. We provide quality pediatric dentistry, no matter your child’s age or dental condition. And we provide care that you may not find at your average pediatric dentist’s office, such as laser care for lip and tongue ties in Idaho Falls. Please schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help your child get the dental care they need!   Tongue and Lip Ties  You may have heard of tongue-tie and lip-tie if you have an infant or young child. But what are they? Tongue-tie and lip-tie are conditions that can interfere with breastfeeding, speaking, and oral hygiene. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what tongue-tie and lip-tie are, how to recognize the signs and symptoms, and what you can do if your child has either condition.   What is Tongue-Tie? Tongue-tie, or ankyloglossia, is a condition that occurs when the tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short or thick. The attached tissue can interfere with the tongue’s range of motion, making it difficult to breastfeed or eat certain foods. Tongue-tie can also make it hard to clean the tongue properly when brushing the teeth, which can lead to problems with oral hygiene.   What is Lip-Tie? Lip-tie is a condition that occurs when the tissue that attaches the upper lip to the gums is too short or thick. Like a tongue tie, this can interfere with your child’s lip range of motion and make it difficult to breastfeed or eat certain foods. Lip-tie can also make it hard to brush the teeth properly, which can lead to eventual oral issues such as tooth decay.   Signs and Symptoms of Lip-Tie or Tongue-Tie The most common sign of lip-tie or tongue-tie is difficulty breastfeeding. A baby may have difficulty latching onto the nipple or may fall off the breast frequently. Other signs and symptoms include: Poor weight gain Excessive drooling Difficulty sticking out the tongue past the lower gumline Difficulty licking ice cream or other cold desserts Speech problems later in childhood If you suspect your child has lip-tie or tongue-tie, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kory Bingham. Dr. Bingham and his team will be able to confirm the diagnosis and recommend treatment options, such as laser therapy.   Laser Treatment If the tongue or lip tie is severe, we offer the latest dental technology and techniques to correct it, including laser dentistry. Laser dentistry is a relatively new procedure that can fix these problems quickly, comfortably, and effectively, helping to improve function and reduce the risk of future problems. Most patients see an immediate improvement in their symptoms. Dr. Bingham will use a laser to make a small incision in the tissue. The laser cauterizes the blood vessels as it cuts, minimizing bleeding and swelling. This entire process usually takes less than five minutes and can be done in our state-of-the-art dental facility in Rigby, Idaho.   Laser Dentistry For Lip and Tongue Ties At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we understand that parents want the best possible care for their children. That’s why we offer quality pediatric dentistry services tailored to meet each child’s unique needs. We accept most insurance plans and will even submit your claim for you! Tongue-tie and lip-tie are two conditions that can cause difficulties with breastfeeding, speaking, and oral hygiene in infants and young children. If you suspect your child has either condition, schedule an appointment with Rigby Pediatric Dental. We can confirm the diagnosis and recommend treatment options.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Kids

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Are you looking for pediatric laser dentistry in the Idaho Falls area? At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we offer a wide range of dental services for children of all ages. We pride ourselves on giving the best possible care for our patients, and if you are in Idaho Falls, laser dentistry might provide many benefits for you. We offer laser dentistry that is not available at most other dental offices. Dr. Kory Bingham wants your child to have a positive experience, and we will do everything we can to ensure they are comfortable and happy during their visit. We believe that healthy teeth are essential for a child’s overall health and development, and we will work with you to ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy and strong. Call us today or schedule an appointment online!   Laser Dentistry Most parents want what is best for their children. Regarding oral health, parents want their kids to have healthy teeth and gum and a healthy smile. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, more options are available than ever to help achieve this goal. One of these options is laser dentistry. Laser dentistry is becoming increasingly popular because it is minimally invasive, painless, and can be used to treat a variety of dental issues. If you are considering laser dentistry for your child, here are some benefits you can expect. Benefit #1: Minimally Invasive One of the most significant benefits of laser dentistry is it’s minimally invasive. Minimally invasive means no need for drills or needles, which can be scary for kids (and adults!). Lasers can target specific areas without damaging the surrounding tissue—less damage results in less pain and discomfort for the patient. Benefit #2: Quick and Easy Treatment Another great benefit of laser dentistry is that it is quick and easy. We can perform the procedures at our state-of-the-art dental facility in Rigby, Idaho. Treatment times are shorter because lasers can target specific areas without damaging the surrounding tissue. A shorter treatment time means your child can return to normal activities faster. Benefit #3: Pain-Free Treatment Laser dentistry can also be pain-free. Additionally, because there is no need for needles or drills, your child will not have to worry about any potential pain associated with these procedures. Benefit #4: Reduced Risk of Infection Another benefit of laser dentistry is that it can help to reduce the risk of infection. The reduction is because the laser procedure cauterizes as it cuts, meaning it seals the site as it cuts. Cauterization eliminates the need for traditional sutures to close a cut made by a scalpel, for example, meaning faster healing time and reduced infection risk. Healing is especially important for children, as they are more susceptible to infections than adults. Benefit #5: Improved Oral Health Laser dentistry can also improve your child’s oral health. The procedures can correct certain conditions, such as lip-tie and tongue-tie. Lip-tie and tongue-tie can affect your child’s ability to breastfeed and speak. It can also make it difficult to clean the tongue and lips while brushing, eventually leading to oral health problems. Benefit #6: Reduced Risk of Bleeding Laser dentistry can also help to reduce the risk of bleeding. Because the laser cauterizes as it cuts, it helps to seal blood vessels and prevent bleeding. Reducing bleeding is especially beneficial for children, as they are more likely to experience anxiety if there is bleeding during their procedure.   Idaho Falls Laser Dentistry If you are looking for a minimally invasive, quick, and easy way to improve your child’s oral health in the Idaho Falls area, then our laser dentistry treatment may be proper for you. With laser dentistry, your child can enjoy all the benefits of healthy teeth and gums without having to experience the pain or discomfort they may associate with a dental appointment. To look into our laser dentistry services, contact us today!

At What Age Should a Child Begin Seeing a Pediatric Dentist?

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Parents, are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls? We provide children with the highest quality dental care at Rigby Pediatric Dental. We believe every child deserves a healthy smile and are dedicated to providing helpful tips to parents and children on optimal oral health. Parents might not realize the importance of taking care of their child’s baby teeth, but there are many good reasons to do so. For one thing, baby teeth help guide adult teeth into the correct position. If baby teeth are lost too early, it can cause problems with the alignment of the adult teeth. In addition, baby teeth play an essential role in speech development and chewing function. And finally, taking care of baby teeth can help prevent cavities in adult teeth. Early care is vital because cavities form when bacteria from the mouth get into the tooth enamel and break it down. Once bacteria have infiltrated the tooth enamel, they can more easily make their way into the deeper layers of the tooth, causing a cavity. However, if baby teeth are well-cared-for and free of cavities, they can act as a barrier and prevent bacteria from reaching the adult teeth. So, even though adult teeth will eventually replace them, taking care of baby teeth is still essential.   When Should My Child Start Seeing a Pediatric Dentist? Many parents are unsure when they should start taking their children to a pediatric dentist. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommend that children see a dentist by their first birthday.  The earlier you take your child to the dentist, the better! Starting dental visits early can help ensure your child’s teeth and mouth are healthy. It also allows your child to get used to the dentist, making future visits less stressful. Here are a few reasons why it’s essential to take your child to the dentist early:   To Prevent Tooth Decay Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic childhood diseases—but it’s also one of the most preventable. A big part of preventing tooth decay is establishing good oral hygiene habits early on. Dr. Bingham and his team can help you by teaching you and your child how to brush and floss properly.   To Monitor Growth and Development Your child’s teeth and jaws are constantly growing and changing, so it’s essential to have regular checkups with a pediatric dentist. We will monitor your child’s teeth and jaws during these checkups to ensure they develop correctly. We can provide treatment or refer you to a specialist if there are any problems.   To Detect Oral Health Problems Early Oral health problems can sometimes be challenging to detect, especially in young children. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Bingham is specially trained to identify these problems early on so we can treat them quickly and effectively.    Quality Pediatric Dentist in Idaho Falls Taking your child to see a pediatric dentist by their first birthday is an essential step in ensuring their oral health. These early appointments allow you to establish good oral hygiene habits, monitor your child’s growth and development, and detect any problems early on. We want your child to have the best possible experience at Rigby Pediatric Dental. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, from preventative care to treatment of dental conditions. We also provide laser dentistry, which can quickly, effectively, and painlessly fix many dental problems. So don’t wait—schedule an appointment with Dr. Kory Bingham and Rigby Pediatric Dental today in Rigby, Idaho! We can’t wait to help your child smile with healthy teeth!

Kids Dental Care in Rigby, Idaho

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Kids deserve the highest quality of dental care from dental professionals. High-quality dental services and treatment will help children and their parents keep dental disease and decay from occurring and prevent other dental issues. If not diagnosed and treated early, dental problems can escalate into more significant issues for years to come. At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we provide exceptional dental care for kids in Rigby, Idaho. We will give your kids the smile they deserve.    When Can My Child Receive Pediatric Dental Care?  All children should see a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists are trained to work with the developing tooth and jaw structures. Pediatric dentists can act early on a child’s oral problems to avoid more significant issues later. The age that a child may first need dental treatment is generally between 0-18.  Some dental problems are only present in youngsters. For example, natal teeth, as well as childhood caries, require special attention.   Tooth Decay in Children  Tooth decay is the most frequent chronic disease in children. Patients should be aware of the early indicators of dental decay, even in toddlers. We observe the terrible effects of all stages of tooth decay and how it affects our young patients at Rigby Pediatric Dental. We want to help you keep your child’s dental health in optimal condition. Cookies and candies are favorites among children, yet these foods contribute to tooth decay. Bacteria is left on the teeth when children eat foods heavy in sugars and carbohydrates.   Some early warning signs of tooth decay in children include:  Tooth Sensitivity and Tooth Pain: if your child has recently complained about their teeth being sensitive or having pain constantly, it is a good indication that decay could start. Once your child notifies you of tooth sensitivity and tooth pain, you should bring them into our office as soon as possible.  Tooth Coloration: teeth will start to turn discolored if there is significant damage or decay infecting the tooth. In most cases, this is called an abscessed tooth. It is essential to examine your child’s teeth when helping them brush each day to try and notice their teeth’s color.  Bleeding Gums: sensitive, swollen, and bleeding gum tissues usually go hand in hand with gingivitis or periodontal disease. Gum disease is a severe dental issue that can bring much pain, discomfort, and other points to the teeth.  Bad breath: if you are sure that your child is brushing their teeth morning and night and still has bad breath, there could be an infection or disease.   When to Start Brushing Your Child’s Teeth  It’s time to break out the kid toothbrush and toothpaste and start helping them brush their teeth as soon as you see that first pearly white baby tooth poke its way through the gums. Selecting a toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles designed for a child’s mouth is critical. Brush with a thin layer of toothpaste around the size of a grain of rice on the toothbrush. Brushing your child’s teeth twice a day, once in the morning and before night, is essential, just as it is for adults. Parents should brush their children’s teeth or assist them in brushing their children’s teeth until they are confident that their children can brush thoroughly independently.   Kids Dental Care in Rigby, Idaho  Dr. Kory Bingham and his staff love helping children develop strong, healthy, beautiful teeth. Pediatric dental care is essential, and there are many benefits from having your child see a specialized child dentist. If you have any questions regarding your child’s smile or oral health, please call our office or come and see us.

Pediatric Dentist in Idaho Falls

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Pediatric dental care is essential for children between 0-18. In their early years, children are highly impressionable and are starting to develop habits that they will keep with them for years to come. Constant and excellent oral hygiene habits are formed by learning how to brush properly and floss their teeth and staying up to date with their visits to the dentist’s office. Pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls, Dr. Kory Bingham, has been serving the families of Idaho Falls for many years.  Pediatric dentists are highly trained and educated dentists that have gone to dental school plus additional years learning about how to take care of children’s teeth. Pediatric dentists focus on creating fun and educational dental offices where kids and their parents can come and learn about better dental hygiene and receive excellent, tailored treatments.    Services  Common pediatric treatments at Rigby Pediatric Dental are the standard services adults also generally need. These services include:  Dental Cleanings: Yes, even infant and baby teeth need to be cleaned and polished with the help of a dental professional. Your child’s teeth will be cleaned, polished, and flossed at a pediatric dental cleaning. These dental cleanings help prevent cavities and limit any plaque build-up.  Fillings: Children’s dental fillings are sometimes different if the tooth that needs to be filled is a baby tooth. Baby teeth, as we know, usually fall out in preparation for the adult tooth to grow in. If a baby tooth has a cavity, the filling material will be composite or amalgam.  Dentist Examinations: To ensure that your child’s teeth remain healthy and identify any possible dental issue, the dentist will examine the teeth after each cleaning. Also, in these cleanings, the dentist will look over the X-rays taken to help determine how teeth may change as your child grows and any necessary treatments.    Extractions: In pediatric dentistry, we only do extractions when a tooth has become severely decayed, and removing it is the best way to keep other teeth healthy. We do all we can to help your child keep their original tooth. Extraction is our last resort.  Dental Crowns: We use dental crowns to save the function and restore the anatomy of a baby and adult tooth after it suffers from severe decay. Dental crowns in our office can be made out of composite material, porcelain, or amalgam (silver).  Each treatment that we offer at Rigby Pediatric Dental is specifically designed and tailored to each patient receiving the procedure. If you are curious about our services and how they can help your child specifically, don’t hesitate to contact your pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls, Idaho.    Children and Oral Health  Our dentist, Dr. Bingham, is dedicated to helping each child that comes into his office have a healthy smile and develop healthy oral cleaning habits that will set them up for success. If necessary, at each appointment, we will help your child learn more about how they can better take care of their teeth at home. We also offer tips and tricks to parents on how to encourage and teach their children to have better oral health habits.  A pediatric dentist can significantly help your child with their oral health. Call us today to set an appointment. We are always taking new patients and would be more than happy to treat your child’s smile.  We know that a visit to the dentist can be particularly difficult for a child. We strive to make your child’s visit fun, exciting, and comfortable. We are dedicated to serving the parents and children of the Idaho Falls, Idaho area.