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Pediatric dental care is essential for children between 0-18. In their early years, children are highly impressionable and are starting to develop habits that they will keep with them for years to come. Constant and excellent oral hygiene habits are formed by learning how to brush properly and floss their teeth and staying up to date with their visits to the dentist’s office. Pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls, Dr. Kory Bingham, has been serving the families of Idaho Falls for many years.  Pediatric dentists are highly trained and educated dentists that have gone to dental school plus additional years learning about how to take care of children’s teeth. Pediatric dentists focus on creating fun and educational dental offices where kids and their parents can come and learn about better dental hygiene and receive excellent, tailored treatments.    Services  Common pediatric treatments at Rigby Pediatric Dental are the standard services adults also generally need. These services include:  Dental Cleanings: Yes, even infant and baby teeth need to be cleaned and polished with the help of a dental professional. Your child’s teeth will be cleaned, polished, and flossed at a pediatric dental cleaning. These dental cleanings help prevent cavities and limit any plaque build-up.  Fillings: Children’s dental fillings are sometimes different if the tooth that needs to be filled is a baby tooth. Baby teeth, as we know, usually fall out in preparation for the adult tooth to grow in. If a baby tooth has a cavity, the filling material will be composite or amalgam.  Dentist Examinations: To ensure that your child’s teeth remain healthy and identify any possible dental issue, the dentist will examine the teeth after each cleaning. Also, in these cleanings, the dentist will look over the X-rays taken to help determine how teeth may change as your child grows and any necessary treatments.    Extractions: In pediatric dentistry, we only do extractions when a tooth has become severely decayed, and removing it is the best way to keep other teeth healthy. We do all we can to help your child keep their original tooth. Extraction is our last resort.  Dental Crowns: We use dental crowns to save the function and restore the anatomy of a baby and adult tooth after it suffers from severe decay. Dental crowns in our office can be made out of composite material, porcelain, or amalgam (silver).  Each treatment that we offer at Rigby Pediatric Dental is specifically designed and tailored to each patient receiving the procedure. If you are curious about our services and how they can help your child specifically, don’t hesitate to contact your pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls, Idaho.    Children and Oral Health  Our dentist, Dr. Bingham, is dedicated to helping each child that comes into his office have a healthy smile and develop healthy oral cleaning habits that will set them up for success. If necessary, at each appointment, we will help your child learn more about how they can better take care of their teeth at home. We also offer tips and tricks to parents on how to encourage and teach their children to have better oral health habits.  A pediatric dentist can significantly help your child with their oral health. Call us today to set an appointment. We are always taking new patients and would be more than happy to treat your child’s smile.  We know that a visit to the dentist can be particularly difficult for a child. We strive to make your child’s visit fun, exciting, and comfortable. We are dedicated to serving the parents and children of the Idaho Falls, Idaho area.

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Lip and Tongue Tie for Children Lip and Tongue Ties for Children in Rigby, Idaho BEST DENTIST IN RIGBY, IDAHO rigby pediatric dental dentist in rigby ID

Best Dentist in Rigby, Idaho

When helping your child obtain a healthy and strong smile, it is essential to take them to a pediatric dentist’s office full of fun and educated dental professionals. Receiving dental care as a child is necessary for your child’s oral health, as is developing oral hygiene habits and creating a positive relationship with the dentist. Children are impressionable, so it is vital to help them learn about proper dental care and prevent dental issues at a young age. Dr. Kory Bingham and his delightful team are dedicated and passionate about providing the kids of Rigby, Idaho, with the highest quality dental care.  Being a pediatric dental center, we are entirely focused and committed to finding the best ways to teach children about proper dental care and why it is essential to maintain a healthy smile. Your children’s teeth are in the best hands with our care in Rigby.    Why Pediatric Care?  Some parents question why it is recommended that their children obtain dental care from a pediatric dentist instead of a regular, general dentist. Although general dentists can clean your child’s teeth and diagnose problems, pediatric dentists are trained to do that and more.  Pediatric dentists go to more schooling and training to be certified dentists for children. Because of this, they learn how to help children with special needs, anxiety, and fear, receive excellent services calmly.  In a pediatric dentist’s office, the environment and staff are entirely dedicated to the child’s health and experience in our office. When children come to a fun place where they feel comfortable, welcomed, and heard, they are more likely to cooperate while receiving care and even enjoy it.  We believe that all children should see a pediatric dentist for their first 18 years of life to help build a positive relationship with the dentist’s office and because pediatric dentists know how to treat pediatric cases.    When Should I Seek Pediatric Dental Care For My Child?  Some parents might worry or be confused about when to take their child to the dentist for the first time. It is a common myth that children only need to see the dentist when most of their teeth have erupted, but it is essential to have them seen as soon as their first tooth has fully grown in.  Starting dental care early helps you, as the parent, learn how to take care of your infant’s teeth best and get a good idea of when the rest of the teeth will erupt. The pediatric dentist will examine your infant’s mouth and ensure that everything is on the right track and healthy.    Pediatric Services  We offer most general dental treatments in a pediatric office, such as dental cleanings, examinations, X-rays, and other preventative services. We provide specialized treatments for pediatric patients, such as pulpectomy, plutonomy, extractions, dental fillings, dental crowns, and early orthodontic care.  Since children’s teeth are smaller and have difficulty keeping their teeth clean, we work extra hard to create personalized treatments and help them maintain a healthy smile.    The Best Rigby Pediatric Dental Office Our dentist in Rigby has created an environment where all children from ages 0-18 can feel comfortable and learn how to love their smiles. We believe that having a healthy smile is extremely important, and teaching children early on how to care for their smile early on will influence their dental care habits for the rest of their life.  If you require a dentist for your child, please feel free to contact our office to learn more about our services and how we can help. Your child’s smile can remain beautiful and healthy with our help.

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What Counts as a Dental Emergency? Dental Emergency Rigby Pediatric Dental Dentist in Rigby, ID Rigby Pediatric Dental dentist in Rigby, Idaho Dr. Kory Bingham

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies, just like any other emergency, can be scary and stressful, especially when you aren’t sure what to do. There are different severities for dental emergencies, and through this post, we hope to help you become a little more familiar with each. It is also essential to your child’s tooth health to familiarize yourself with steps you can take during an emergency. Please continue reading to learn more about dental emergencies and what to do if your child is experiencing one.    Emergencies that need Immediate Attention  Knocked-Out Tooth: When it comes to having a tooth knocked out, regardless of if it is a baby tooth or not, we recommend giving our office a call to see Dr. Kory Bingham right away. Many parents think there is no need to see the dentist if it is a baby tooth. Coming into our office if a baby tooth is knocked out ensures that there is no other damage to the mouth.  When an adult tooth is knocked out due to blunt force, we encourage you to locate the tooth and, if possible, place it back into the tooth’s socket. If the tooth is severely dirty, refrain from cleaning it off and then put it into a glass of milk to keep it moist. Call our office immediately and inform us of the situation.    Broken Tooth: Breaking a tooth can be severely painful and leave the patient shocked. If your child has had this happen to them, our primary goal is to help them get out of pain and save their original tooth. If possible, we encourage you or the child to locate the broken piece and hold onto it for possible reattachment in our office.    Loose Adult Tooth: When baby teeth become loose, it indicates that the adult tooth is ready to appear. If a baby tooth is loose, patients should not worry. If an adult tooth becomes loose, it will count as a dental emergency.    Dental Issues That Don’t Require Same-Day Attention At Rigby Pediatric Dentistry, anything that has the potential to permanently harm your teeth or other surrounding tissues we count as a minor dental emergency. Below is a list of dental issues that we recommend our patients schedule an appointment for as soon as possible.    Accessed or Infected Tooth: If a tooth has become discolored and the child is complaining of tooth pain, there is a good chance that that specific tooth is or is becoming an abscessed tooth. Severely infected teeth need to be treated quickly to save the tooth from falling out.    Toothache: Teeth can be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and not decay. If toothaches are constant in a specific tooth, there is a possibility that decay may be present. Only a dental professional such as Dr. Bingham can diagnose a cavity that needs treatment.    Swelling, Bleeding, and Tender Gums: Gum tissues become swollen and tender even when there is the slightest presence of gum disease. Gum disease can be prevented by brushing, flossing, and eating nutritious foods. A dentist should address constant gum issues.    Emergency Dental Office in Rigby Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, even patients who are diligent in taking care of their teeth. We understand how stressful and scary an emergency involving the teeth may be for a child, so our team at Rigby Pediatric Dentistry is trained and educated on how to handle any situation with grace and ease.  If your child is experiencing any dental emergency, please call our office. We are also available to provide you with more information in a crisis.

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Tips on How to Prevent Gum Disease Rigby Pediatric Dentistry Dentist in Rigby, ID

Tips on How to Prevent Gum Disease

Has your child ever come to you complaining about sensitive, swollen, or even bleeding gums after brushing or flossing their teeth? Although it might be expected for gum tissues to be swollen and bleed after flossing after a long time, constant pain in the gums could indicate gum disease. For children, gum disease could be prevalent depending on brushing and flossing habits. This post is a small guide to what gum disease is and tips on how you can help your child prevent gum disease.    What is Gum Disease?  Gum disease in its minor and most common form is known as gingivitis. Gingivitis will present itself in the mouth through swollen and tender gums that might bleed from time to time. The build-up of plaque or the white sticky substance found on your teeth after eating is the leading cause of gingivitis. Your toothbrush should remove the plaque entirely by brushing and flossing teeth twice a day, but this doesn’t always happen.  Because children are still learning how to take care of their teeth best and due to hard-to-reach areas, sometimes plaque is left on the teeth and starts to build up. When plaque is left on the gumline of the tooth, the gums can begin to become infected.  In the early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, it is reversible through treatment from a dental professional.    Tips on How to Prevent Gum Disease  As a pediatric dental office, we look for the best tips and tricks to help our young patients keep their teeth clean and safe from severe diseases. Some of our most important tips include:  Help Your Child Practice Good Oral Hygiene: At Rigby Pediatric Dentistry, we spend time helping each one of our patients learn how to perform oral hygiene at home best. By brushing and flossing twice a day properly, your child’s risk of developing gum disease will significantly decrease.  Eat a Balanced Diet: Eating foods that are high in nutritional value won’t only positively affect bodily health but the health of teeth. Help your child stay away from eating and drinking things high in sugar. The bacteria found in plaque grows with the help of sugar and then releases the acid onto your gums and teeth. Stay up to date with Dental Cleanings: Having a professional cleaning performed once every six months, along with a dental exam, will help prevent the disease and prevent it from worsening if it is already present. At these cleanings, all plaque is removed.    Treatment for Gum Disease  Fortunately, gingivitis is reversible with help from Dr. Kory Bingham and our team. Treatment for gingivitis will include a deep cleaning of all surfaces of your teeth and especially along the gumline. Through this, your dentist will remove all plaque. When gum disease isn’t diagnosed and treated right away, it will spread and worsen, causing severe dental issues. Potential problems include gum recession and tooth loss.    Contact our Dental Professionals Today! It may be hard to recognize if your child suffers from the early stages of gingivitis. That’s why we encourage our patient’s parents to be very involved in their child’s oral health habits. If you have reason to believe that your child may need periodontic treatment from our children’s dentist, we urge you to contact our office right away. By scheduling an appointment, we will assist your child in ridding their mouth of gum disease.  If your child is due for a routine cleaning and check-up, please give us a call.

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Bring your Kids to our Friendly Children's Dentist Rigby Pediatric Dental Dentist in Rigby Idaho Children's Dentist

Bring your Kids to our Friendly Children’s Dentist

Receiving tailored and personalized dental care is something all people should seek out to obtain. For children, going to the dentist for the first time can be a scary and anxiety-filled experience that could influence their overall feeling of the dentist for years to come. At Rigby Pediatric Dental, our primary goal, along with providing excellent dental care and treatments, is to help each patient that walks through our door develop a positive and comfortable relationship with receiving care. This post will explain and hopefully further educate parents of the Rigby, Idaho area to bring your kids to our friendly children’s dentist and why is in the best interest of you, your child, and your child’s oral health.    Why Should My Child See a Children’s Dentist?  Although most general dentists accept children as patients, there are dentists like Dr. Kory Bingham who have, on top of dental school, gone to around three years of extra training to become pediatric dentists. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Bingham has been trained and practiced handling children’s teeth from ages 0 to 18.  Another part of pediatric dental training and education is surrounding how to help children with severe anxiety or possible mental disabilities feel comfortable while receiving treatment. Dr. Bingham and the rest of our team make it a priority to make our office a fun and exciting place where children end up wanting to come back. Ways that we help our child patients become more comfortable and confident in our office is by doing the following:  Dental offices are filled with loud and unfamiliar tools and instruments placed into the child’s mouth. To help the child stay calm during treatment, we like to show and let them feel all the instruments and how they work. Permitting them to touch the devices allows them to be more comfortable allowing the tool into their mouth.    We offer a minor sedative through laughing gas for patients with severe anxiety during treatment. Laughing gas is breathed into the nose through a small mask. The gas helps calm the patient’s nerves and feel more relaxed.    While younger patients are in the waiting area, they can play in our small playhouse. Playing in the playhouse will help the child feel like and recognize that the dentist can be fun.    We stay on top of the newest and most advanced dental technology available for pediatric care so that our patients can receive care quickly.    While receiving care in the dental chair, each child can watch their favorite movie or tv show from the television mounted on the wall above the chair. Watching their favorite show on the television helps the child be distracted from their care and makes them more comfortable.    Benefits of a Children’s Dentist  Going to the dentist is something that each person should do twice a year, so children need to start young in developing a favorable opinion towards the dentist. By taking your child to see a children’s dentist, you are helping them have a more positive and fun experience.  Other Benefits Include:  Having one dentist from the eruption of your first tooth until you are 18 and all adult teeth have come in will allow Dr. Bingham to be there for the entire dental change from baby to adult teeth.    The fun environment will help children know that a dentist’s office is a place to be themselves and have fun.    Children’s dentists are trained to help educate young patients on the best and most effective ways to clean their teeth. By making oral health care fun, children will be more inclined to take care of their teeth at home.    Contact our Professionals Today! If you are in Rigby, Idaho, or a surrounding area, look no further than Dr. Kory Bingham of Rigby Pediatric Dentistry. He is here to serve you and your children and give you the best possible care! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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Home Cavity Prevention in Rigby, Idaho rigby pediatric dental dentist in rigby ID

Cavity Prevention in Rigby, Idaho

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One thing we like to educate our patients and their children about at our practice is cavity prevention. Dental cavities, or dental decay, can cause havoc on a child’s teeth. Good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments are two ways that your child can help prevent dental cavities. Read below for more tips on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy and prevent future cavities.    How Are Cavities Formed?  Dental cavities are dental decay that creates a hole or a cavity in the tooth. Sugar and carbohydrate form buildup on the teeth. This sugar and carbohydrates form into bacteria which becomes acid. The acid then starts to create a hole in the tooth. If not treated, bacteria can sit in the newly formed holes. When bacteria sit in the cavity, they can make their way into the bloodstream, causing an infection. Cavities not only lead to dental fillings, but they can also lead to restoration options such as tooth extractions and root canals.    How Can I Help My Child With Cavity Prevention?  Dr. Bingham at Rigby Pediatric Dentistry recommends many ways for parents to help their child with cavity prevention Rigby, Idaho. A few ways to prevent cavities are good oral hygiene, dental sealants, and dental fluoride. For more information on cavity prevention, keep reading.    Good Oral Hygiene  The first thing Rigby Pediatric Dental recommends to prevent cavities is good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene means that your child brushes, flosses, and uses mouthwash twice a day. Not only will this keep their breath fresh, but it will also remove plaque and bacteria that have built up on their teeth throughout the day. Another part of good oral hygiene is visiting Dr. Bingham and his team of professionals every six months. During this appointment, we will conduct a dental cleaning and exam. During this exam, Dr. Bingham will look for signs of decay and dental cavities. The dental cleaning will remove tartar that cannot be removed at home.  Dental Sealants  Once your child’s back molars have erupted, it is essential to put sealants on their back molars. There are grooves and crevices in the back molars that make them more susceptible to bacteria and debris collection. The fissures make it more likely that a cavity will form. Dental sealants are a painless procedure. The sealants are painted onto the molars and then hardened with a blue light. This procedure is quick and easy to complete during your regular check-up appointment scheduled every six months.  Fluoride Treatment  At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we recommend using fluoride toothpaste. This toothpaste chemically helps to strengthen the outer surface of your tooth, the enamel. This surface helps with cavity prevention. At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we also offer a fluoride treatment. A fluoride treatment is painted over the teeth to strengthen the tooth’s outer surface chemically. Similar to the fluoride toothpaste.    At Rigby Pediatric Dental, we put a big focus on cavity prevention, especially for children. We recommend three main ways for cavity prevention: We recommend good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments. Good oral hygiene will ensure that the health of your child’s teeth remains strong over time. We recommend dental sealants which go over the top of the back molars. It helps to prevent bacteria and debris from collecting in the crevices. We recommend a fluoride treatment. Much like sealants, this is painted on and chemically strengthens the outer protective layer of the tooth, the enamel.    For more information about cavity prevention or to make an appointment for your child, call our office today. We look forward to hearing from you. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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